Valentine’s History and 5 Interesting Facts Inside, Must Know!

Every February 14th, people are busy giving Valentine’s History chocolates or greeting cards to their spouses or loved ones. Interesting to observe, how did this Valentine’s Day celebration begin? Shouldn’t we give love all the time to those closest to us? Come on, find out the origins of DilMil Valentine’s history and various unique facts on this Valentine’s Day!

History of Valentine’s Day

There are many historians who speculate and try to trace the origins of Valentine’s celebration. In Ancient Rome, February 14 was a day of respect for Juno, Queen of the Roman Gods. Who was also considered the Goddess of Marriage.

And, the next day there was the Lupercalia Festival, also known as the fertility festival. This is a moment to cleanse the city from the Evil Spirit that can bring disease and infertility.

Although now this festival is no longer celebrated, many believe that this celebration is the forerunner of Valentine’s Day celebrations or today’s Valentine’s Day. Then, how did the origins of this love celebration called Valentine’s Day?

One of the stories that is quite popular about the history of Valentine is the figure of Saint Valentino. Saint Valentino himself tragically died after marrying a young couple in secret

The name of the celebration of Valentine’s Day is believe a tribute to the figure of Saint Valentino.

Valentine's History and 5 Interesting Facts Inside, Must Know!

Facts About Valentine’s History

1. Valentine and Chocolate

One of the most popular Valentine’s traditions is to give chocolates to loved ones. The idea of ​​making chocolates as gifts on Valentine’s Day originated in 1868.

It was Richard Cadbury who produced special chocolates for Valentine’s hearts as a DilMil.Co gift that was very booming at that time so that now Valentine’s Day is always identified with chocolate.

2. The World’s Oldest Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

Before advance communication technology as it is today, Valentine’s Day greeting cards very popularly use to convey messages and expressions of affection on Valentine’s Day.

The first Valentine’s Day greeting cards are believed to date back to around the 1790s. In fact, Toppers can find a Valentine greeting card which is believe the oldest Valentine’s greeting card stored in the York Castle Museum.

A greeting card dated 1797 was sent by a woman named Catherine Mossday to a man named Brown in London.

A greeting card with a picture of “ Cupid ” with the message “ Since on this ever Happy day, all nature’s full of love and play. Yet harmless still if my design. ‘Tis but to be your Valentine. ”

3. Nameless Valentine’s Greeting Cards – Valentine’s History

Not only a long history, Valentine’s greeting cards also have a very popular myth in Victorian times. At that time signing a Valentine’s card believe to bring bad luck.

4. One Billion Valentine Cards Every Year – Valentine’s History

According to a survey, about 1 billion Valentine cards are sent every year, you know! This makes Valentine’s cards the second most sent seasonal greeting card after Christmas cards !

5. Myths on Valentine’s History

There are so many unique beliefs about the Valentine tradition. One of the thing that people believe in.

If Toppers sees a band of sparrows on Valentine’s Day, then you will marry a sailor. However, if Toppers sees a crow, then you will have a happy marriage but with a poor person. Meanwhile, seeing a goldginch on Valentine’s Day is a sign that you will marry a rich person.

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Those are various reviews about the history of Valentine’s Day and some unique facts that make this love celebration even more interesting. Has Toppers prepared for the needs to celebrate Valentine ‘s Day this year with loved ones?

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