To Love or Not to Love? That is the Question

To Love or Not to Love? We have read wonderful stories of fair maidens and shining knights on horses but for how many will this truly materialize? In my honest opinion, each individual has the ability to experience his/her own fairytale love story but only on the grounds that they truly want to love.

Dating and relationships were never meant to be easy. It is the understanding of what a relationship and dating from a datinggrp profile are about. That in the end determines the outcome of this wonderful fairytale or living nightmare.

Let’s break love down into smaller elements for now so that we may grasp a deeper understanding of this emotion.

  1. Love is all about compatibility. If you are not compatible with your partner, the chances of the relationship succeeding will be extremely low.
  2. Dating is about sacrifices. How far would you be willing to go to keep your partner happy? Would you be willing to give up something you truly love that would benefit the relationship?
  3. Love is about effort. The ability to constantly strive on making a relationship stronger and spending a lot more time on your partner than anything else.
  4. Relationship and Dating are about being yourself and being comfortable around your partner from review at all times. Would you be able to completely be yourself around your partner? Would your partner still see you as the same person if you were yourself around them?
  5. Future goals… Would your partner be able to allow you enough space so that you may achieve what you wish before it is too late and the dream disappears? Would they support you and care for you in this time and more importantly. Will you be able to do the same?
  6. The relationship is about trust. The ability to trust a person may come easy to some people however the majority of people have great concerns when it comes to trusting a person. The absence of trust may harm a relationship severely and ultimately cause a partner to lose friends and self-confidence. This will leave the stereotypical impression of a jealous partner.

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Deciding whether you are ready for love is a crucial step towards being in a successful relationship and should not be undermined. The choice is yours and yours alone. Always keep that in mind.

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