The Worst Site

Posted On : August 24, 2019

You go through a whole elaborate set of profile question on the preliminary which takes about 35 minutes so the computer can match you. They say you are approved when you get an email link to click on. This takes you to an option to retain what you have already done but that side of the option doesn’t work so you are forced to go through the whole set up again. I am not religious so I said it wasn’t important to me in my partner. I get to the end of the questionnaire about 30 minutes later (whole process over an hour) and their brilliant computer programme suggested I would be better off on a religious dating site and made some suggestions for religions that I have no knowledge of or desire to join. It didn’t seem to matter to ‘it’ that ‘it’ suggested both Christian and Jewish faith. I figured I needed to go back to correct a mis-type, I find there is no way back and no contact button to let them know. So then I look for reviews and find that in addition they have no members … I wonder why ? I don’t know about you guys but I’m off to the Synagogue. Thank you to the rest of you who have obviously suffered at their hands. Sharing your pain has done some good … maybe I’ll try a Mosque lol lol


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