Website should be banned

Website should be banned as it cons people

kappsamarmi - October 31, 2019
Eharmony is perhaps the most dispiriting

Eharmony is perhaps the most dispiriting, depressing, and soul-crushing experience on the entire internet.

hegyeztet4x - October 31, 2019
Its beyond ridiculous

Its beyond ridiculous at this point and have sent another email to expressing my annoyance. Im just hoping theres not a profile of me out there now.

eispapierv7 - October 31, 2019
Amount of money I wasted!

Amount of money I wasted!

lancinar3 - October 31, 2019
Be Aware everyone!!

Be Aware everyone!! I was recently scammed

envistaay - October 31, 2019
I will never subscribe

I will never subscribe to another dating site specially that one dating site! Full of SCAMMERS!!!

martinarnedofs - October 31, 2019
rubbish one

I was on this site a few years ago until I lost my password when changing computers and was unable to get back on. But now I have managed to set up a new profile using the same email address and found…. More

yamafuthabn - October 31, 2019
This site is ridiculous

This site is ridiculous

fuzzyxxrz - October 31, 2019
Fake,terrible to use website

Fake,terrible to use website

gagarratasypeix - October 31, 2019
Absolute Trash.

Absolute Trash. Only paid month suvy thank God. Going to cancel this rubbish site stray away. Scam.

justbergsg - October 31, 2019
No customer care

No customer care and poor data protection

seppurse - October 31, 2019
CRAP. 90% of profiles are fake

CRAP. 90% of profiles are fake which message you and send you notifications nonstop day and night.

poesiayversoszg - October 31, 2019