Does He Really Love you? 4 Ways to Tell if You’re Being play

Game: few guys know about it. He Really Love you No, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft  or Grand Theft Auto . I’m talking about the game of love and “war”, where we are all just pieces on a chessboard. lovingfeel Prize for the winner? Fuck a hot girl or two. The more the more exciting.

Don’t be fooled by her subtle and polite, but ultimately dangerous ways. Here are four signs that the guy you just met is playing you like a violin.

  1. When He is Present Too Much and too Soon – He Really Love you

You’ve just had a date or two, and he’s ready to make that big declaration of love for you that you hear only in romantic comedies. “You are the girl of my dreams,” or, “I love you,” he might say, when he doesn’t even really know all that well about you. Danger sign! If he wasn’t lying to you, he must be a very desperate person.

  1. When He Makes Physical Contact too Quickly

Likewise, when his hands start going around too fast without getting to know you well first, he may just be looking for distractions or opportunities for love without a commitment of feelings. Don’t expect anything serious from dating this kind of guy, and don’t think he’s actually in love with you. He might want you, but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect.

Does He Really Love you? 4 Ways to Tell if You're Being play

  1. When He Insistently Ask For a Certain Favor – He Really Love you

You have something he wants, and he will do anything to get it. While it’s a little harder to tell if he has ulterior motives, you can always tell a manipulator by certain things (about you) that he notices. For example, you have a rich and famous aunt. If he brings up the topic a lot (secretly or not), he’s probably more interested in it than he is in you.

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  1. When you Realize It’s Very Difficult to Know Everything About Him

You’re on your fourth or fifth date, and still, you don’t know anything about his family, friends or stories. In fact, he doesn’t really talk much about himself. It’s not about the lack of conversation, but the possibility that he’s hiding something. One way to find out if he’s being evasive on purpose is simply to ask a personal question. If he hovers around the subject without actually providing an answer, don’t hesitate to become suspicious.

It’s easy to be blindside by a sweet-talking mouth and seemingly gentlemanly demeanor. While there are genuine souls out there looking for a real relationship, there are also major players who are very experienced review at scams and just want to multiply the winning trophies. One thing is for sure: If you look for a partner in the wrong places, chances are, you will end up hurting yourself.

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