10 Signs That Prove You Grew up in An Asian Family

An Asian Family Stereotypes become stereotypes because they contain elements of truth in them. And don’t kid yourself, we’ve all laughed at the memes about Asian parents on 9gag. Growing up in an Asian family is an experience like no other, if you display at least five of these signs, what you have is a true Asian upbringing.

  1. A meal is incomplete without rice or noodles – potatoes, bread and other flour preparations don’t count at all.
  2. You will not be treat as an adult until you have had a steady job (with good career prospects, staff benefits and job results) for at least 2 years. Eharmoney We all know what Asian families are like and their expectations!
  3. You are taught how to behave in front of extend family members so as not to embarrass your parents.
  4. In line with Asian frugal principles, you are frugal in everything. But in keeping with Asian pride, you sometimes splurge on branded items to flaunt your status.

10 Signs That Prove You Grew up in An Asian Family

  1. Your idea of ​​hospitality is to offer guests as much food as they can eat and as much drink as they can drink. After all, what kind of host lets his guests come home still thirsty or hungry?
  2. At the same time, you are well train to finish all the food on your plate (or else your future husband/wife, if you don’t already have one, will have a pockmark on his face).
  3. You’re looking down on yourself too much – which is basically Asian humility. You’ve been raised by parents who complain about you to their friends VictoriaHearts.com all the time, sometimes over the phone loudly and purposely for you to hear.
  4. However, you are quick to compliment others, and often discuss. The successes of your acquaintances, as your mother did in her gossip sessions with her friends or next-door neighbors. “Your child goes to school very well, right? How did you teach him?”

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  1. To your parents, nothing looks healthy except homemade food. Even if all you eat is salad when you’re out. You’re used to calling home to tell your parents you won’t be home for dinner. Only to hear them criticize about. All the MSG and unhealthy food you’ll be eating out there. And then they promised to leave some for you.
  2. But dining at fine dining restaurants has always been seen. As a major luxury, and reserved for special events and family gatherings. EliteSingles.com review When you’re a kid, birthdays are always exciting because you know you’re going somewhere that doesn’t normally fit into your dinner budget.

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