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Recent Reviews are Scammers...

I have joined dating site more than 3 years, and I just returned from Ukraine two days prior, I was talking a woman brought Irina for more than a half…. More

allansaurez - September 5, 2019
Be warned it's against the law and federal crime

I have been on this site for a month. And all I get is youth ladies texting me their text phone number. For what? Do they make money when you text then back? Plus everyone so far is not local. All out…. More

frarkifillankpo - August 24, 2019
Victoriahearts is Fake Site

All girls that I tried to chat on victoriahearts behaved in the same kind of way, just as if they followed certain patterns: romantic crap, sexual suggestions and so on. They all pretended to love me …. More

negoandcoi7 - August 24, 2019
The Worst Site

You go through a whole elaborate set of profile question on the preliminary which takes about 35 minutes so the computer can match you. They say you are approved when you get an email link to click on…. More

nusrandmearsezj - August 24, 2019
Unhappy with Eharmony

I’m completely unhappy with the way E Harmony is using young women in their current advertising. Most people are of middle age when using the site. With so many accusations of sex trade crimes why doe…. More

michae18cai - July 25, 2019 is a fake site

It’s a fake site- yes there are probably a few idiots who fell for it, but the whole thing was pre-programmed from every aspect

sean248conn - July 25, 2019
Huge Scam of the century

The girls are well programmed to be online to chat in real time.They appear chatty and friendly in order to keep your time burning. $16 for 5 minutes chat. At long last, the girls never give you any a…. More

tinajanice8465 - July 25, 2019
Russianbrides is a fake dating site

This site is a fake dating site where girls show themselves and you chat with a man worker situated in USA where the site originates. This site is similar to anastasiadate. You can see it from their w…. More

owen074wils - July 10, 2019

This site is owned by the same corp that owns romancetales and read the terms and agreements they state some of photos they purchased so you will be talking to someone from the site not the woman on t…. More

kellan054lut - July 10, 2019
no star, Anastasiadate is a scammer

no star,this is a scammer site,beware,i have tried it over 8 weeks,they only want that you buy credits,that you can chat with the “women”,the e-mails you get from them are fakes,send automatic to you …. More

vince014vau - July 10, 2019