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Amolatina is full of fake and old profiles

Amolatina is full of fake and old profiles. You often get winks and likes from people who supposedly view you several times a day, but when you contact them they don’t answer you but carry on viewing …. More

pisglas1x - September 28, 2019

Rubbish. No follow up conversation. One of the very few that did reply was obviously some pervert. Absolutely awful, have cancelled my membership and will never use again.

zielonojt - September 28, 2019
Very awful

Very awful. Most people are fake and want you to contact you for something to sell by placing their phone numbers on the picture. Terrible quality control! I pre cancelled my subscription but they sti…. More

markusnk - September 28, 2019

IT’S A CON. I’ve had hundreds of views and started to delete some of them. They come back as soon as the person is online. I think that when I remove the view the person is told I have viewed them, an…. More

gainard0o - September 28, 2019
Total scam

Automated responses to sucker you into paying to read them, then a $25 surcharge stuck in at the last second. Total scam.

kuknojafn - September 28, 2019
I was required to pay to join

I was required to pay to join and required to pay extra to message someone.

elfmarek1p - September 28, 2019
Victoriahearts is a crappy site

Its the worst sight i ever joined. If you have something in common with someone it will say you sent them a message or sent you one. Completely false information. Lower class are all on there. Unhealt…. More

wacht87 - September 28, 2019
Easy to create a fake profile

If it is this easy to create a fake profile, remember, you don’t know who you are talking to. Elitesingles is not taking any measures at all to protect consumers and try to prevent hacking like this.
…. More

chasmf0 - September 28, 2019
It stinks

It stinks, you pay 29.95 and you don’t have full access. I won’t ever pay again, they nickel and dime you.

festleder03 - September 28, 2019
Scam company

Scam company. They will automatically withdraw from your paypal account. So be careful.

bananaeggtr - September 28, 2019
A total waste of money

I`ve paid £45 for 3 months subscription up front & it`s no different or better than the free dating sites. The site itself generates fake messages which is very confusing & embarrassing if yo…. More

labisiu8 - September 28, 2019
This site doesn't deserve a 1

This site is owned by the same corp that owns romance tales and read the terms and agreements they state some of photos they purchased so you will be talking to someone from the site not the woman on …. More

blaenafanmn - September 28, 2019